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Live Wyoming

Cowboy and Wild Horses

Triple Dot Homes is a Wyoming company integrating the rich traditions and spirit of the state into every one of our new homes.

A home reflects the heart of the people that live there, and Wyomingites pride themselves on being a tough, independent lot with a love of the outdoors. It's no wonder—they're from Wyoming, a place of stunning natural wonders—think Yellowstone geysers, the jagged fingers of the Tetons, the lone, columned monolith that is Devils Tower surrounded by pine forests and grasslands, or the vast expanse of eastern prairie interrupted by oil pumps, herds of antelope, and ferocious winds. An extraordinary land attracts extraordinary people demanding extraordinary construction and features. We bring the natural wonders of the outdoors indoors, with spacious floor plans and hardy natural materials.

We are proud to offer the finest quality new construction with on-trend finishes and exceptional standards. Our features include:

  • Rustic birch cabinets

  • Rustic alder doors

  • Live-edge mantels

  • Old-style blacksmithed handrails 

  • Hardwoods, including #2 white oak

  • Net and blow insulation

  • Granite countertops

  • 2 X 6 exterior walls

  • Vinyl casement windows

  • 96% efficient furnace

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